Feathered Friends, I’m Not Alone!


Wingmen are great.  I didn’t even know what a wingman was till I had some good-natured guy friends who took the liberty of enlightening me.  Apparently, this is a well known and well practiced guy-thing.

According to the ever-reliable wikipedia, a wingman is, “someone who is on the ‘inside’ and is used to help someone with relationships. There seem to be sex differences such that females’ friends help them avoid undesirable potential partners, while males’ friends help them attract desirable potential mates.”  Wow.  And now I know the terminology.

Having a wingman ups success, plus it makes us feel so much more confident because we are now part of a team!  Hmm.

Not having a team feels like loneliness.  Being lonely is one of the saddest states I know.  It’s sad in an empty, unfulfilled way.  It downright sucks.

I recently moved.  Most people move a couple times in their lives.  Sometimes moves bring instant excitement and new socialization, but more often, there is a hefty adjustment period where we have to find our ground and root.

I started attending a new church since I moved home and have made satisfactory progress in the new-friend area, but Sunday night made the books.  I was given the opportunity to talk to a few new friends and through a semi-vulnerable opening up on my part, my embarrassing state of living surfaced.  No car, no job, living with my mom.  Yes I do have a four-year-degree.  Oh well.  Life isn’t always what we were told right?

My kind, new comrades stood for a good half hour, encouraging me, reminding me to learn the lesson of dependency on God, to be wary of pushing so hard on my own, for my pride’s-sake.  I left challenged to think about my life with renewed positivity and reevaluated responsibility.  But I also left with a re-realization of the importance of a support system.

Much like scoping for potential partners, or working toward any life-goal, achieving my dream career and purpose necessitates a team approach.  This is a critical and pivotal blessing of communal life.  We are to bear each other’s burdens and I need to allow someone else to help me.

The picture above is bookended by my friends Lauren and Kara.  Kara is one of my beautiful sisters, and Lauren has been a bestie for almost a decade and a half.  Jill (with the beautiful curls) and Annie (who looks like she might die laughing) have brought a lot of joy and laughter to my life.  I love this picture-our faces are bright!  Friendship is golden.

Keeping Sane in the Less than Ideal

Tip 3: Gather the troops.  Who’s got your back?


Clear my foggy head.

Clear my foggy head.

When I feel totally overwhelmed, I run. I love running. It makes me feel in control. I feel powerful, like I can do anything. I need that these days. I need to feel that my actions can change something.

PS-I lost 2 pounds last week. Yeah…

Keeping Sane in the Less than Ideal

Tip 2: Get outside and get going.