No other reason…

No other reason.  

When I get up in the morning, I need a reason.  A bright morning is one that promises much accomplishment, much hope, much achievement.  But lately, my mornings have been nothing like this.

Being unemployed and without transportation seems to sap a person of their potential.  What great goals can I master while so… imprisoned?

My life has been one big preparation for greatness.  I was driven to excel in grade-school to earn scholarships for college.  I dedicated my life to scholastic achievement in college to keep those scholarships and graduate with honers.  This, I was assured, would provide for me later in life.  My future career would be earth-shaking.  I was raised to make a difference.

And then I was released.  Released into this unending and unyielding world.  And when I wake up in the morning, I no longer have a goal, pushing my tired, overworked body out of bed.  I have no personal motivation.

I complained about this to a friend.

And he answered with this startling response:

“What an opportunity to strip away all your selfcenteredness and really live for God’s glory.”


I have been that girl who hid in the mega church crowd because she liked it.  I know my deep-seeded love of attention and how it has made me a slave.  I hide to escape.  When I stand in a crowd and no one knows my face, I can worship and my worship feels real. This is why my friend’s response rooted in my heart.  I have long desired a chance to shed pretense and worship in truth.

Every day that I wake up to be greeted with a morning of job hunting and house pacing, I will work for the glory of God above all else.  This is my reason-my opportunity to really live for God’s glory.


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